Adding "wrappers" in t3kit (theme_t3kit)

In fluid_styled_content there is a div around each content element. In theme_t3kit we added a wrapper field to tt_content so we can add a class to this div (a bit like section_frames).

page typoscript

List items for wrapper are created with page ts, and consists of an id and a label.

TCEFORM.tt_content.wrapper {
    addItems {
        1000 = Example generic wrapper 1
        1001 = Example generic wrapper 1 - with some alternative

setup typoscript

There is a dataProcessor added in lib.fluidContent that maps the id to a string, that could be a single class or multiple classes. This dataProcessor will add variable wrapperClass to the FLUIDTEMPLATE. In this case we have "overridden" the layouts from fluid_styled_content so we can add the {wrapperClass} after c{} in the layouts. This will be applied on all content elements based on lib.fluidContent.

lib.fluidContent {
    dataProcessing {
        365 {
            classMappings {                
                1000 = class-name-1
                1001 = class-name-1 __modifier-class-name